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Configure the Procore + Box Sync Integration

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To configure the synchronization settings in a project's Documents tool for the Procore + Box Sync integration. 


Procore supports two (2) different integrations with Box (www.box.com): Procore + Box and Procore + Box Sync. See What is the difference between the Box & Box Sync integrations? Box is a online file sharing and content management service for individuals and businesses.

This article shows you how to configure the Procore + Box Sync integration. With Procore + Box Sync, you can set up one-way or two-way data continuous syncing between a project's Documents tool in Procore and a designated project folder in the integrated Box account: 

  • One-Way Syncing. Your end users must add, change, and delete files in Procore's Documents tool. When you add, change, or delete a file in Procore, the same is then done in Box. Any changes made to files in Box do NOT affect files in Procore. When a change is detected in Procore, it is synced to Box.  
  • Two-Way Syncing. Your end users are permitted to add, change, and delete files in either Procore or Box. The integration always looks for the newest version of a file in both systems, and when a change is detected in either system, the data is synced.

For more detailed information about these options, see What is the difference between one- and two-way syncing with Procore + Box Sync?

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Documents tool
  • Prerequisites:
  • Requirements:
    • An active Box account and valid login credentials (e.g., the email address and password that you will use to log into Box). 
    • The account must also include folder that has been designated as the one in which your project team members will store all the project's files that will be synced with Procore's Documents tool. 
  • Additional Information:


Step 1: Grant Procore Access to the Designated Box Account

  1. Navigate to the project's Documents tool.
    This reveals the Documents page. 
  2. Click the Configure Settings  icon.
    This reveals the Documents Settings page.
  3. Click Document Integrations.

    This reveals the Document Integrations page. 
  4. In the Box area of the page, click Authenticate to being the Setup Wizard. 

    This opens the Box login page. 
  5. In the Log in to Grant Access to Box page, enter the following:

    • Email Address. Enter the email address for the desired Box account.
    • Password. Enter the email address for the desired Box account.
  6. Click Authorize
    If your login credentials are valid, the Grant Access to Box page appears. 
  7. Review the information in the page.
  8. If you are ready to proceed, click Grant Access to Box

    The system reveals the Setup Wizard, where you will configure the synchronization options. 
  9. Continue with Step 2: Set Up the Syncing Options for Procore + Box Sync.

Step 2: Configure One-Way or Two-Way Syncing

  1. In the Syncing Options page, choose One-Way Syncing or Two-Way Syncing. 

  2. Click Next Step
    This reveals the Choose Procore Folders page. 
  3. Place a checkmark next to the folders in the project's Documents tool that you would like to sync to Box. 

  4. Click Next Step
    This reveals the Choose Box Folders page. 
    • The system checks to see if the integrated Box account has any existing folders.
    • If you have NOT created at least one (1) folder in your Box account, the 'You do not have any folders in Box' message appears. You will need to:
      • Log into the integrated Box account in a separate browser tab or window.
      • Create one (1) folder in the Box account for the project. You do not need to replicate the folder structure that you specified on the 'Choose Procore Folders' page. The system will create a 'Procore' Folder inside the Box folder and when the configuration steps are complete, all of the selected Procore folders, subfolders, and files will be synced to Box. 
    • To learn how to create a folder in Box, see Box's Help system

  5. After you create at least one (1) folder in Box, you can refresh your browser. Then highlight the desired folder. For this example, we created a folder name in Box named '222-Lakefront Project' to sync with the Documents tool. 

  6. Click Finish
    A banner appears at the top of the Document Integrations page to confirm the setup. 

    The first sync process will complete in a few minutes. From then on, syncing between the system is continuous. Whenever a change is detected in one system, the integration syncs the data in the other system. If you want to see when the last sync completed, a date and timestamp appear next to the 'Last Sync Occurred On'  label.  

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