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Prisma Master

Construction Estimation for Mexico

Prisma Master is Mexico's only cloud-based, localized construction cost estimation software. It features a native "Prisma Database" recognized since the 1990's as the most complete and reliable costing database in Mexico.  It currently contains more than 18,000 line items (materials, labor, machine costs), and 8,000 building assemblies, all updated monthly.   Prisma Master is designed following the strict methodology and regulations established by the Federal Public Works Law and Cost Engineering standards in Mexico, for both public and private sectors. Prisma Master helps contractors, engineers, architects and more, build budgets and estimates and outputs various types of client facing reports in different formats.


  • Build accurate estimates with unit costs, building assemblies or square meter models, fully localized for Mexico.
  • Get access to PrismaData, Mexico’s leading and most trusted construction costs Database since 1978. With 18,000+ line items comprised of unit prices for materials, labor and equipment. Updated monthly and coded with proprietary Universal Format (FormatoUniversal”©).
  • Create budgets, Gantt charts and client facing reports for private and public sector projects, in accordance with local laws and regulations. | Crea reportes para Obras Públicas y Privadas, de acuerdo a Ley de Obra Pública Federal.


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Prisma Master


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