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Prelien Pro

Built by Prelien Pros for Prelien Pros

Prelien Pro was built FOR prelien professionals BY prelien professionals. 
Some companies do a bang-up job focusing on ONE part of the process – whether it be lien waivers or creating preliens, but no one has taken on the entire workflow--until now. From creating job information sheets and documenting inbound lien documents from vendors to creating and mailing your own preliens, Prelien Pro is the singular source for at-a-glance lien documents for all your projects. 

Before Prelien Pro, managing the flow of critical lien documents was cumbersome, often combining the efforts of several individuals, programs, and binders (yes, even binders).  Now, after leveraging a decade of lien processing experience and involving key construction stakeholders along the way, we've developed a complete end-to-end lien documentation process that significantly reduces the headaches contractors face. This... is just the beginning.


  • The lien management process is complex, going well beyond just bouncing waivers between offices. Easily manage prelien documents that you’ve sent AND received for at‐a‐glance visibility.
  • Create job sheets to quickly share critical project information to your trade partners and vendors, dynamically create preliens to secure your own lien rights, easily create lien waivers, and request escalations when payments aren’t coming too quickly or easily. 
  • Using Procore’s Project Directory, easily interact with every vendor who has preliened your projects, and see a bird's-eye view of their notices, waivers, escalations, and more.


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