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Dataflow Diagram


Setting Up the Integration

The following sections describe the steps necessary to set up the integration with Procore.

  1. Sign In via Procore:
    • Click “Login via Procore”.


  1. Enable Your Procore Integration Button:
  2. Link your OpenSpace project to your Procore project:
    • Once your integration flag has been enabled on our end, click on the Procore icon on the right-hand side. Please note that Procore Admin-level permissions are required.
    • Click “Next” when the pop-up box asks you to link the project to Procore.


  • Select the organization you want to link to in Procore.
  • Select the project in Procore you would like to link to your OpenSpace project.
  1. Export your 360 photos from OpenSpace into Procore:
    • Now that your project is linked, you can start exporting photos. Click on the Procore icon on the right-hand side.
    • That’s it! The 360 photo you’re looking at will automatically export to the OpenSpace photo album in Procore. You can click the link in the dialog box to view it in Procore.