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NYFTY.AI - Little Robot Helpers

Does the work you hate

We make little robot helpers - software bots that do tasks for you.
Our Bots can':

 - Conduct and respond to Health Surveys (i.e. Daily Wellness Checks)
 - Chase Inspections (Daily Site Cleanliness / Weekly Safety Walks)
 - Collect Manpower Logs
 - Broadcast site-wide announcements
 - Collect Notes & Photos

We're working on a bunch of exciting Bots to automate tasks that involve talking to humans


  • Health Survey Bot conducts and responds to Daily Health Checks / Wellness Checks
  • Manpower Bot completes your Manpower Log for you, by talking to your staff or subcontractors
  • Inspections Bot ensures Inspections get done on time, or pretty soon after

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