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How long does it take data to sync between Procore & MYOB?

Once a cost is approved in Procore, it’s pushed out to MYOB immediately (live). Information coming from MYOB to Procore will take up to 1 hour. However, you have the option of performing a manual sync if you need the data to sync straight away.

What if I need to update a cost that’s already been approved e.g. a progress claim? Do I make the changes in Procore or MYOB?

Simply updated the cost in Procore and the changes will be reflected in MYOB

Do I still need to manually send information from MYOB back to Procore?

No, the integration is two way. Updates in MYOB will feed back into your Procore budget

How are taxes calculated?

Taxes are not included in your Procore Construction Financials. MYOB will calculate the taxes for your invoices based off the account code that’s been mapped.

How easy is the integration to use?

We just need to map your cost codes and vendors, switch it on and then you’re good to go!

Where is my data stored?

Our integration platform sits in data centres stored in Australia (Amazon Web Services), and we do not store any data on our platform once it has been sent through to Procore or MYOB.

What if I need support?

We are an Adelaide based company. Support is provided via phone during Australian business hours as well as e-mail support.