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MYOB with OneCore

Enjoy a seamless & intuitive MYOB integration with Interfy OneCore by Crawford IT

OneCore is a two way connecter that syncs data between your Construction Financials and MYOB AccountRight.

The connector works by mapping your Cost Codes in Procore with your Account Lists in MYOB, allowing for a seamless workflow. Whether you’re putting looking to push out an Invoice on a Progress Claim, or keep your Project Managers updated on Direct Costs in the field, OneCore will bridge the gap between the job site and your accounting team.


  • Avoid needless duplication of effort and manual processes.
  • Minimize the chances of human error by automating data flows.
  • Greater cohesion between your Site and Office by communicating reliable data, faster.

By bridging the gap between accounting and construction financials, you can:

  • Reduce risk of human error and improve data integrity.
  • Eliminating the export of data Procore and manual entry into MYOB.
  • Freeing up time for administration and accounting staff.
  • Allowing a streamlined project workflow from tendering through to invoicing.
  • Providing visibility on status of costs and payments.
  • Getting invoices out quicker, and getting paid sooner!

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