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Ensuring a 100% qualified workforce.

6,000+ contractors trust myComply to ensure that workers who go to the site are qualified to be there. A qualified worker has: 

- Proper safety training, tickets, licenses, and/or certifications
- Completed the necessary company or site-specific orientation
- Meets all other requirements designated by the project owner 

myComply's 'Projects Pro' feature verifies compliance on projects. Invite sub-trades & easily receive worker qualifications and documentation. With on-site hardware, your team can ensure that only qualified workers are allowed to log attendance on the job. 

With full access control, your sites will be protected from unqualified workers who do not meet site standards/requirements. 


  • Set requirements for subcontractors and their workers, ensuring that all workers meet job specific standards.
  • Build & administer custom online orientations, tracking which workers have (or have not) completed orientation.
  • IoT Hardware and integrated access control systems share attendance data to Procore's Daily Log.

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