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Safe, Efficient, Delivery Scheduling.

MobileDOCK allows site project and operations managers to define how they want to schedule vehicle arrivals to site.

Use MobileDOCK embedded directly within Procore.

- Spaces to be controlled
- Operational areas
- Types of vehicles
- Types of loads

- Allow contractors, suppliers and their carriers to submit bookings
- Specify the products being delivered using the Submittal
- Add multiple Submittals to the booking
- Approve bookings automatically based upon capacity and rules

- View a schedule of approved bookings
- Check in/out vehicle arrivals via phone, tablet, QR code, PIN code, ALPR



  • Define site loading/unloading areas with capacities and capabilities.
  • Connect to suppliers, carriers and contractors.
  • Automatically approve booking requests based upon site rules and capacity.




Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Daily Log - Standard permissions
  • Submittals - Standard permissions

Subscriptions and Licensing

A MobileDOCK subscription is required to use MobileDOCK to control your site vehicle bookings and arrivals. All your Contractors, Suppliers, and their Carriers can join and use MobileDOCK free of charge.

MobileDOCK and the MobileDOCK logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of MobileDOCK in the United States and/or other countries.