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Your smart procurement log

Contractors and Owners use LeadTime to turn their manual procurement tracking process into a time-saving, delay-preventing system that helps them stay on schedule.  

Instead of tracking critical procurement details such as lead times and projected delivery dates on a spreadsheet (or procurement log), LeadTime’s embedded Procore app organizes everything in a centralized location that is reliable, easy to understand, and always up-to-date inside of Procore.


  • Create an online procurement log inside Procore that’s always up-to-date and accessible by your entire team.
  • Collect procurement updates from subcontractors and suppliers automatically and report on them in real time saving you hours of work every week.
  • Maintain an accurate procurement lookahead which serves as a single source of truth.

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Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Procore Project Management

Subscriptions and Licensing

  • Active LeadTime subscription required.


Visit the LeadTime Help Center for information on setting up and using the LeadTime application with Procore.

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