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#1 solution for fleet and safety ROI

IntelliShift is the modern fleet and safety management platform. Streamline construction operations, maximize efficient usage of fleet assets, and increase profit margins — all from a single integrated platform.



  • Connected Assets - GPS tracking with multi-view map technology allows an up-to-the-minute view of assets in the field for better decision-making. Digital inspections and maintenance processes that meet DOT requirements to avoid fines and downtime.
  • AI Video & Safety - Reduce accidents, injury, and liability with powerful in-cab video.  We offer the industry’s tightest integration of video, advanced telematics, and engine diagnostics from a single platform, tailored for fleets of all sizes.
  • Fleet Intelligence & Analytics - Transform fleet data into the intelligence you need to make fast, informed decisions. Unify, integrate, analyze, and visualize previously siloed data with an intuitive user experience.

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Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Company Admin tool - admin permissions required for installation


Installation Instructions

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