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Integrating Hangar JobSight with Procore


Integrate Hangar JobSight with Procore.


Things to Consider

  • Prerequisites:
    • New Tab/Tool in Procore - Send a request to with the following information:
      • Tab Name: Hangar JobSight
      • Names and links of the applicable projects you want Hangar’s tool to appear in
      • Specify that each tool must be unique to the Project and not shared across the Company
      • Integration Link: https:/
    • Once the tool has been added to your project, Hangar’s account manager will send you a link with your

      first data delivery to insert in the Tool configuration settings, this guide walks you through this process.


  1. Login to Procore - Once the tab/tool is enabled. Login to Procore and navigate to your company.

  2. Select Project - From the Company Home, Portfolio Page, click into your desired Project.

  3. Select New Tool - Once in the project, select the Hangar JobSight tab from “Custom” section of your Toolkit dropdown.

  4. Access and Configure Tool Settings - Once in the Hangar JobSight toolbox, click the “configure” wheel on the top left.

  5. Enter External URL and Update Tab - In the External URL field, copy and paste the URL provided by Hangar then click the Update Tab.


You’re all set! You can adjust additional items in the Configuration Settings tab as needed.


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