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HammerTech Sync

Integrating Field and Office

HammerTech consolidates construction and safety operations into one platform.  Improve safety, reduce risk and increase profits through transparency across inductions/orientations, daily reports, SWMS/JHAs, permits and more while providing insights to all project stakeholders.

HammerTech Sync (HammerTech-Procore integration) helps job site and project management teams stay aligned, save time, reduce manual errors around worker/man hours and speed up contractor onboarding and project start-up.


  • Speed-Up Weekly Contract Admin Processes - worker/man hours auto-push into Procore by vendor.
  • Job-Ready Subcontractors – prevent start-on-site until required pre-start processes are completed.
  • Eliminate Double Entry – auto push of vendor (employer) and project information between systems.

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