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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have a subcontractor in Procore, will the integration create a subcontractor in GoContractor using this integration?

A: Yes, the GoContractor’s Procore integration can be configured to download subcontractors data from Procore into GoContractor.

Q: If I have a worker in GoContractor, will the integration create a worker in Procore using this integration?

A: Yes, the GoContractor Procore integration can be configured to download worker records from GoContractor and send them to Procore.

Q: How Long does it take data to sync between Procore and GoContractor?

A: Worker data will sync from GoContractor to Procore within 5 to 10 minutes of a change being made in GoContractor. Subcontractor data will sync from Procore to GoContractor in 5 to 10 minutes as well. 

Q: How easy to use is the GoContractor Procore integration?

A: The GoContractor Procore integration is simple to use. Once initial permissions have been set up in both systems, the integration can be turned on and it will start synchronizing. At this point, no further setup should be required to keep the two systems in sync. 

Q: Once the API connection is established between GoContractor and Procore, will that connection ever expire or disconnect on its own?

A: No, once the connection between GoContractor and Procore is established, the connection should persist without the need to reauthorize or reconnect. If at any point you would like to remove the connection, this can be done by contacting

Q: Where is my data stored when I’m using GoContractor?

A: The GoContractor platform stores its data on Amazon Web Service servers located in Europe.

Q: If I need support for my GoContractor Procore integration, who should I contact?

A: GoContractor’s support team is here to help! Our customer success representatives are available during normal business hours in Europe and North America and can be reached by emailing