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What is FieldChat and how does it integrate with Procore?

FieldChat is an easy-to-use communications app that brings together construction teams to share real-time information regardless of device. 

FieldChat delivers increased profitability on projects through reducing rework, delays and waste. Anyone can pick up the tool and participate in seconds. By integrating with FieldChat, Procore users will be able to improve their effectiveness on site through improved team communications and transparency. 

Built to make life easier, FieldChat allows team members to continue to text message if they wish, or use the web app or FieldChat iOS and Android apps. Using the app allows users to see all messages across the groups they are part of with a centralized message inbox in the cloud. Sharing information and asking question has never been so easy.   

Integrating Procore with FieldChat allows teams to easily get started engaging in text/messaging communications in a way that’s searchable and logged. It allows teams to text photos into the project files, manage notifications to the field and collect more day to day information from activities in the field.  

All users in a Procore project directory can be imported into FieldChat, to avoid rekeying any information. Users can login to the FieldChat apps using their Procore credentials.

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