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See Install an App from the Procore Marketplace for instructions on installing the Egnyte - Embedded UI in your Procore account. You must have company admin permissions to install an App from the Marketplace.

Configuring Egnyte - Embedded UI in Procore

In order to configure the Egnyte - Embedded UI in Procore, you will need the GUID for the Egnyte Folder you want to use. To retrieve the Egnyte Folder GUID, navigate to the Egnyte Folder and click on Folder Details. Use this value when creating App configurations for the Egnyte - Embedded UI.

See these support articles for general instructions on creating App configurations in Procore.

Launching Egnyte - Embedded UI in Procore

See Launch an Embedded App in a Project for instructions on launching the Egnyte - Embedded UI in your Procore project.