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Digital transformation for every job site

Procore and DroneDeploy have partnered together to empower construction professionals to efficiently and effectively capture reality on site to help win more bids, reduce risk with subcontractors by validating design vs. as-built, and delight owners and stakeholders by accurately reporting progress. You can seamlessly work in Procore to access and analyze your high-resolution drone imagery from DroneDeploy.


  • From DroneDeploy, easily sync high-resolution drone imagery into any Procore project to get a comprehensive view of reality on each job site.
  • Overlay plans from Procore onto DroneDeploy Maps to accurately compare as-built to the design helping you catch quickly catch variations.
  • Automatically sync Progress Photos from DroneDeploy to Procore, ensuring all daily or weekly logs include a visual documentation of the progress of that day, giving you a comprehensive visual view of the entire life of each project.


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