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Build with intelligence

DatuBIM, Datumate’s cloud-native SaaS 4D infrastructure data analytics platform, enables stakeholders to digitize and automate infrastructure construction projects and complete high-quality roads, highways and railways – on time and within budget. 

Based on a unique AI Construction Engine (ACE), our collaborative platform offers wide-ranging predictive intelligence capabilities to dramatically reduce the kind of uncertainty that has long plagued construction work, leading to spiraling lifecycle costs, unacceptable delays, and limited scalability. 

Using our platform simplifies and automates your infrastructure construction processes in three main areas: mapping and measuring your building site, tracking and monitoring project progress, and comprehensive quality control. The result – faster, more efficient, and higher quality project delivery.



  • Visualization and remote progress tracking of projects throughout the lifecycle to detect deviations and prevent costly rework.
  • Ongoing and automatic comparison of design plans vs. digital as-built.
  • Advanced engineering and supervision reports with a single click eg. Cut & Fill, progress tracking & as-built vs. design.


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Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Admin permissions required for installation


DatuBIM is an entirely browser-based application. Please refer to DatuBIM's Knowledge Base for user manual.

DatuBIM and the DatuBIM logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Datumate in the United States and/or other countries.