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About the Portfolio Financials Data Exchange for Payables


The Portfolio Financials Data Exchange for Payables is an extract, transform and load (ETL) integration that leverages a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) site to provide Portfolio Financials users with a secure method for transferring your project's progress invoicing and paid-to-date information between Portfolio Financials and any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that supports Comma Separated Values (CSV) imports/exports.

With the Portfolio Financials Data Exchange for Payables, you can:

  • Build an ETL file with pre-defined field requirements to transfer paid-to-date information from your accounting system into Portfolio Financials. 
  • Simplify data entry for  your accountants using an easy-to-update and easy-to-upload format.
  • Provide your project’s vendors with visibility into the payment status of their invoices.
  • Display paid-to-date information to your project teams within Portfolio Financials.

ETL Process Diagram


  • Fields Sent from Portfolio Financials
    • Property Code
    • Property Name
    • Job Code
    • Contract ID
    • Cost Detail ID
    • Invoice Code
    • Vendor Name
    • Vendor Code
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Description
    • Invoice Date
    • Approved Date
    • Invoice Amount
    • GL Code
    • Notes
  • Fields Received by Portfolio Financials
    • Required Fields:
      • Detail ID
      • Job Code
      • Amount
      • Invoice Date
      • Vendor Code
    • Optional Fields:
      • Vendor Name
      • Building Code
      • Building Name
      • Square Feet
      • Job Name
      • Job Type Code
      • Job Type Name
      • Job Status
      • Period
      • Cost Code
      • Cost Code Description
      • Source
      • Transaction Type
      • Transaction ID
      • Transaction Status

Supported Versions

All versions of all ERP systems are supported, assuming the csv file can be created and sent to our Secure FTP site (SFTP) and the customer can accept or send that data. Example ERP systems that can leverage the Portfolio Data Exchange for Payables include: Sage Intacct, RealPage, Yardi, MRI, JDE, NetSuite, Basware, and Oracle EBS.

Supported Features

  • Manually assign Portfolio Financials Project IDs and Vendor IDs that are included in the inbound CSV file and use them to match payment information to Project and Vendor Costs in Portfolio Financials. 
  • Import Payment and Journal Entry information from your ERP system to Portfolio Financials.
  • Additional fields can be added to the import to view in Portfolio Financials.

Unsupported Features

The following features are not integrated:

  • Vendors
  • Budget
  • Change Orders
  • Contracts

Common Questions

How does Procore connect to my accounting system?

A Portfolio Financials customer builds a pre-defined ETL file to send Paid-to-Date information to Portfolio Financials. The system then creates a ZIP file and extracts tabular data to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. Images are extracted to the Portable Data File (PDF) format. All the data is then then transferred to and from the Portfolio Financials site using the Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol. 

How often is data exchanged between Procore and your accounting system?

Data exchange is as follows:

  • Payment information should match your payment cycle. For example, if you cut checks twice a week, it would be scheduled to coincide.
  • Imports of posted files occur hourly.
  • Exports occur in real-time. 
Do both ETL functions need to be enabled? 

No. The supported ETL functions can be turned on separately or in tandem.