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Combine Best-In-Class CRM and Project Management!

Cosential integration allows pre-con data to seamlessly enter Procore as a new project on your teams. This helps to avoid needless double entry and costly mistakes. When an opportunity reaches either a ”win” status or any stage you choose, a project is initiated in Procore. In return, Cosential then pulls the project number from Procore and creates a link in Cosential. When the link is clicked, the project creation setup can be completed in Procore. This integration also allows project managers to pass new leads back to the CRM or business development teams as they hear of new potential projects on the go.


  • Increase accuracy and consistency of resumes, project profiles, and project lists.
  • Access data quick, Marketing can focus on winning projects.
  • Produce InDesign and Word documents with information tailored for each submittal.


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