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Using the Buildup Integration with Procore

You can easily transfer over your project user information between Procore and Buildup following the directions below.

When logged into Buildup, you can easily import a new project from Procore by clicking the “Import” button on the main project’s screen in the website. If you are not already logged into your Procore account, you will be prompted to provide login details before proceeding. Once logged in, you will remain logged in to both servers.



Now you can copy over a specific project by selecting from your list of projects on Procore and completing the next steps to add basic project information and photo.




After adding the project setup data, you will be prompted to select your subcontractors and individual users to add to Buildup as shown in the below screenshot examples:



Once you have selected the subcontractor companies and users you would like to import, you will be asked to confirm the import before completing the process.



Once everything is transferred over, you will see your new project on the projects tab on the Buildup website and you will have an opportunity to add your unit mix to the project. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to We’re always happy to help!