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Buildr Closeout

Make closeout painless

BuildrCloseout collects and organizes your documents automatically using the Procore platform your teams already know and love. This gives you a clean and easy-to-use dashboard that tracks the entire progress of the closeout package. You will be able to see which requirements are still incomplete and what percentage of the closeout package has been assembled. BuildrCloseout will create the entire turnover package for you. Don't waste weeks waiting. When the job is done, move on to the next one. On average, BuildrCloseout saves at least three weeks of time per job.


  • Throw away the spreadsheet - Automate the collection and management of documents from subcontractors.
  • Track everything - Easily track and visualize the closeout progress through your dashboard.
  • Deeply integrate - Connect seamlessly with Procore and eliminate the duplicate entry.



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