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Salesforce by Azuqua


Empower teams to work in their application of choice by connecting Salesforce to other SaaS applications. Improve the efficiency of your team and complete projects faster by automating time-consuming manual tasks. Eliminate manual data re-entry between sheets and other applications so that data is always accurate and up to date.

Connect Procore to Salesforce to sync custom fields and data, automate project creation and updates, and eliminate manual tasks and data entry between applications.


  •  Improve data visibility and accuracy

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual entry between applications

  • Reduce friction between sales and project management

Visit the Azuqua App Library for additional information.

Common Use Cases

  • When an opportunity is marked Closed Won in Salesforce, automatically create a new Project in Procore and send a notification via email to the project owner.
  • When a drawing or file is uploaded to Procore, sync that file with Salesforce to keep customer data consistent.
  • Connect custom record types from Salesforce to Procore and bi-directionally sync projects and accounts when updates are made in either application.

Integration Requirements

  • Paid Azuqua Subscription, Saleforce subscription
  • Procore Product Lines: CoreOS, Project Management

About the Azuqua-Procore Partnership

Azuqua and Procore formed a partnership to bring powerful Salesforce integrations directly to Procore customers. Azuqua combines integration expertise with an intimate knowledge of Salesforce and Procore, making us the go-to partner to solve the complex Salesforce integration scenarios that Procore customers face everyday. 

Azuqua features a quick-to-build visual designer and pre-built connectors to both Salesforce and Procore, enabling us to rapidly build integrations in hours instead of months that are tailored to your custom business processes.

Azuqua is custom in nature, but most Procore customers find value in syncing data, automating tasks, and streamlining their workflow.


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