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BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex

Trust in connected projects

When moving your project teams from Aconex to Procore, or using both platforms together on a live project, manually transferring project data is time consuming, costly, and error prone.

BIMLauncher supports your project team by seamlessly transferring project data (mail, documents, drawings, users and companies) from Aconex to Procore.

Take advantage of the preferred solution for transferring your projects data from Aconex to Procore whilst ensuring compatibility with Procore native tooling and maintaining the integrity of your project data.


  • Seamlessly transfer project data (mail, documents, companies & users) from Aconex to Procore

  • Be confident that the integrity of your project data is maintained

  • Ensure minimum disruption for your project team’s to get back to work quickly on Procore



*The BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex was developed by BIMLauncher, Inc.  Oracle Corporation is not affiliated with this connector. All Oracle marks and logos are owned by Oracle Corporation

BIMLauncher and the BIMLauncher logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of BIMLauncher in the United States and/or other countries.