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Why are my change order line items duplicated on my owner invoice?

For ERP synced projects, when a prime contract change order (or PPCO, if two tier) line item is created, and the "Line Item" section of "New Line Item" is selected, Procore creates the following items:

  • A new $0 line item on the prime contract's (original) schedule of values (shown below)
  • A new line item on the change order for the actual amount 


Since both the prime contract's schedule of values and the change order's schedule of values are reflected on the invoice, this line item will appear twice on the invoice:

  • In the (original) schedule of values section for $0 (line 2 below)
  • In the change order section for the actual amount (line 3.1 below)


There currently is no functionality in Procore that can hide that $0 line item from the invoice. When creating an invoice, the $0 line item should be disregarded and only the change order line item should be billed against.