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Where and how does Procore store customer information?


Data stored on the Procore Platform is currently divided into two categories: file storage and application data storage.

File storage includes all documents, photos, drawings, specifications, models, and any other attachments.

Application data storage includes anything written to our data stores. The data includes:

  • System generated metadata (for example, the creator of an item, time stamps, or logs)
  • Anything entered via the keyboard (for example, information entered in the Directory tool)
  • Anything entered into user input fields via the Procore API or other import processes

File Storage

Procore leverages Amazon's cloud storage service: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Amazon S3 is a simple web service interface used to store and retrieve data securely at any time from anywhere on the web.

Think of this as an alternative to storing files on a data drive, except not only is your data accessible from wherever you need it, but it's stored in a place where you can be confident your information is safe and secure.

In Procore, the File Storage Location field identifies the geographical region in which your data is stored. You can find this field on the Company Settings > General Settings page in the Company level Admin tool in the Storage Location section.


Procore currently supports a number of file storage profiles:

  • Australia: apse2
  • Bahrain: me01
  • Brazil: sa01
  • Canada: ca01
  • France: fr01
  • Germany: de01
  • Hong Kong: ape01
  • Ireland: ie01
  • Italy: it01
  • Korea: apne02
  • Singapore: apse01
  • South Africa: af01
  • Sweden: se01
  • United Kingdom: uk01
  • United States: default

Application Data Storage

All other user input data, meaning anything entered into a form in the Procore application (or system-generated), is considered application data.

Procore utilizes a number of industry-leading data storage systems and services. For a current list of these systems and services, or if you have specific questions, please contact your Procore Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Storage Capacity

Procore currently offers our customers unlimited data storage on the Procore Platform.