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When will I receive emails about the project I'm bidding on in Portfolio Financials?

This information is intended for accounts with the Portfolio Financials product in Procore. 


Below is a list of actions that will trigger an email alert to all contacts who have been invited to bid on a project:

  • Invitation to bid
  • Bid due date changed
  • Bid due date is approaching (72 hours in advance)
  • Bid due date is approaching (24 hours in advance)
  • New document shared
  • New bid form published
  • Message received from member of bid room team
  • RFI response posted by member of the bid room team

Depending on the status of the bid, the project manager has the option to trigger the following emails:

  • Notification if "frozen" (meaning you have been removed from additional rounds of bidding)
  • Award letter
  • Regret letter