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When does the Submittals tool send email notifications to Procore users?


If a user has a 'Ball In Court' responsibility for completing the next action on a submittal, that user will receive an 'Action Required' email from Procore about that submittal. In Procore, 'Action Required' cannot be turned ON or OFF (see Why can't I turn OFF the 'Action Required' emails sent from the Submittals tool?).  However, users with 'Admin' level permission can configure a setting related to email notifications on the Project level Submittals tool.

Default Email Settings

The illustration below shows you the default email settings for the Submittals tool. An 'Admin' user can turn these emails ON by placing a checkbox in the corresponding box for each action. To turn an email off, remove a checkmark from a box. Note: Turning an email notification OFF does NOT turn off the 'Action Required' email notification for users with Ball In Court responsibility on a submittal. 


To learn more about the different roles for which you can turn settings ON and OFF, see the following articles:

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