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What options are available for the Gantt chart view in the Project level Schedule tool?


There are several different options available for adjusting your view of a project's schedule in the Gantt chart view, such as zoom levels, filters, and configurable columns. 

See the steps below on how to use these features:

  1. Navigate to the project's Schedule tool.
  2. Click the Gantt tab. See View a Gantt Schedule.
    You will see a Gantt chart with horizontal bars that illustrate the amount of work done relative to the amount of time given to complete that task. See Update a Project Schedule File.
    Note: When Percent (%) Complete is enabled, the color of the bars will have a lower saturation of color to indicate the percentage that is complete.

    The following options are available when viewing a Gantt chart:
  • Configure Columns
  • View Toggles
  • Filter Options
  • Zoom Levels