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What is the difference between the Box and Box Sync integrations?


Procore supports two (2) different integrations with Box (www.box.com): Procore + Box and Procore + Box Sync. Box is a online file sharing and content management service for individuals and businesses. 

Supported Box Integrations

You can integrate Procore with Box as follows:

Integration Description
Procore + Box This integration gives you the ability to upload files that are stored in your Box account directly from the supported Procore tools (see Which Procore tools support the Box integration?). This integration can be configured at the company level by any active Procore user from his or her My Account Settings page. To learn more, see Configure the Procore + Box Integration
Procore + Box Sync This integration gives end users the ability to sync files and folders between a dedicated project folder in Box and the project's Documents tool. This integration supports both one-way and two-way data sying and must be configured by a Procore user with 'Admin' level permission to the Documents tool. See Configure the Procore + Box Sync Integration
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