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What happened to Requisitions and Payment Applications?


On July 16, 2018, "Requisitions" and "Payment Applications" were renamed to "Invoices."

See below to learn how Requisitions and Payment Applications were renamed in the app:

  • Within the Commitments tool, Requisitions are renamed to Invoices.
  • Within the Prime Contract tool, Payment Applications are renamed to Invoices.
  • Within a project, but outside the Commitments tool, Requisitions​​​​​​​ are renamed to Subcontractor Invoices.
  • Within the project, but outside the Prime Contract tool, Payment Applications​​​​​​​ are renamed to Owner Invoices.
  • At a company level, Requisitions​​​​​​​ are renamed to Subcontractor Invoices and Payment Applications​​​​​​​ are renamed to Owner Invoices.