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How do I use the notification center?


Procore is continuously adding new features and improvements to the the Procore web application and the Announcements area is designed to keep Procore users informed about the latest changes. As new product and service announcements from Procore become available in the Notification Center, the Announcements icon will reflect  the number of new, unread announcements. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • Any user with permission to log into Procore can access the announcements in the notification center.
  • Additional Information:
    • Announcements are user-specific and are accessible in the top navigation bar from any page in the Procore web application.
    • When new announcements become available, the Announcements icon reflects the total number of unread notifications.
    • If there are more than ten notifications in the Notification center, use the Previous and Next links to view older notifications. 


  1. Click the Announcements  icon in the top-right corner of the Procore web application.
    • The system displays a number on the bell icon that shows the total number of new announcements posted (since you last read your announcements).
    • The menu that appears always lists the last three (3) announcements. 

  2. Each notification will typically have a link to view related information. To view more:
    • Learn More. Click this link to view additional information or instructions about the new feature or change. 
    • View Screenshot. Click this link to view an image of the new feature. 
      Tip! You can also click the See All Annoucements link the bottom of the drop-down menu to view a historical list of announcements that have been posted to Procore's Notification Center (Note: The most recently added notifications are displayed at the top of the list).