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How can I improve the accuracy of Specification Section Identification?

When you upload new specifications to a project, Procore can automatically pre-populate the following fields to help expedite the upload and review process.

  • Specification Number (number and description)
  • Specification Division (number and description)

Procore leverages text parsing technology to intelligently discover and pre-fill these fields with the correct value based upon the number of each specification section and division.

Spec book page format

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  • Request vector PDFs from the team as opposed to a mixture of vector and non-vector (raster) or scanned PDFs.
    • A scanned PDF will result in Procore extracting no spec section except for 00110 - Table of Contents.
  • The page format of the spec book should be consistent throughout. We recommend using all portrait, 8 1/2" x 11" pages.
  • Have the spec section number located in the header or footer of every page (top fifth and bottom fifth of the page)
  • Procore recommends that you embed fonts in your PDF files when saving them so that they display as expected when opened in other programs
  • If you plan to use the Submittal Builder, make sure all submittals related to this spec section appear under a header that contains the English word, "Submittals."
Table of Contents

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  • Have an accurate Table of Contents that is marked "Table of Contents," or "TOC," on each page of the table of contents.
  • It should appear in the first 20 pages of the Spec Book.
    • Procore can only create a key from the table of contents if the book is greater than 25 pages.
  • On these pages, have only the table of contents data. Avoid notes or other information on these pages.
Division number and title
Spec section number    


  • Use the current 6-digit CSI MasterFormat Codes or older 5-digit codes.
  • Combinations of 5- and 6-digit codes are accepted. Procore does not currently support 8-digit spec section numbers.
  • You do not need to have the word "Section" in front of the section number. Procore will recognize the 5- and 6-digit number as the spec section without a label.
    • Avoid different 5- or 6-digit numbers close to the top or bottom of the page. If Procore cannot recognize the spec section number in the top or bottom fifth of the page, it will pull the 5- or 6-digit number closest to the top or bottom as the spec section number.
      (Note: If this cannot be avoided, use the "Number to Ignore" configuration in the Advanced Options of the upload page to tell Procore to ignore this number.) 
Spec section description  



  • If Procore cannot identify a spec section description on a page, it will first reference the Table of Contents. If it cannot identify it from the Table of Contents, it will default to the description in the CSI MasterFormat. 
  • There should be greater than 4 letters in a spec section description.