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Submit a Bid

Welcome to Procore!

If you have been invited to bid on a project that's being managed using Procore's cloud-based construction software, you should have received an email invitation like the example below in your inbox. 


Your bid email is split up into two sections; the red line displays where the first part ends and where the second part begins.


Click on the links below to skip to the section/number that relates to what you are looking for information on.

First Section

In the first section, you will see general information about the bid.

Bid Details (#1)

At #1, you will see the package name, who in the company the invitation was sent by, and the date the bid is due. After the due date, you cannot submit a bid.

Download Bid Documents (#2)

To download the bid documents (including any specifications, drawings, and documents) for this project, simply click the Download Bidding Documents link at #2 in the image above. You may also download the documents from the Planroom in Procore. See Download Bid Documents for more information on this. (Note: the Download Bid Documents article is also linked to in the email as "Learn how to download bid documents. This appears at #7 in the image above.)

Cost Codes (#3)

The cost codes you have been selected to bid on appear at #3 in the image. When you log in to Procore, you can select more cost codes and log your bid for each cost code.

Pre-bid walkthrough information (#4)

At #4 in the screen shot above, you can view the date/time that the pre-bid walkthrough will happen as well as any relevant notes. This section is optional; the project may not have a pre-bid site walkthrough.

Second Section

In the second section, you will state your intent to bid, log into Procore, and access any help articles.

State your intent to bid (#5)

To Bid at a Different Time

If you wish to state that you will bid on the project, but do not wish to fill out your bid sheet at the present time, simply click Yes. This will inform the company that you will bid, and your bid information will come in the future. If you do not reply with an intent to bid and/or a bid amount, you may receive a reminder-to-bid email close to the bid due date.

To Not Bid

If you choose to not bid on the company's project, simply click No. This will inform the company that they should not expect a bid from you.

Log in to Procore (#6)

First Time Bidders

If this is the first time that you've received an invitation to bid on a project using Procore, click the link, Click here to set up your password. This will prompt you to create a password for your account. After you create a password, you will be able to access the bidding information. See the section below, 'To Access Your Bid Sheet', for the next steps. 

If this email has been forwarded to you, you will not be able to access the bid sheet. Procore uses email address as user IDs. This means that the original recipient of this email is the only user with an account that has access the bid sheet. (Note: The original recipient will receive the email directly from an email.) If you would access to the bid sheet, contact the project’s General Contractor. If you are unsure of how to contact them, email

Existing Procore users

To access the bid sheet, simply click the link, Click here to log in Procore. To access the bid sheet, navigate to the Company level Planroom tab and follow the steps in the "To Access Your Bid Sheet" section below.

Training Articles and Videos (#7)

If you need more help, see the articles and videos in this section.

To Access Your Bid Sheet

  1. Log in to Procore using your (new) account. 
  2. After you log in, you will see the orange company level navigation bar. (Note: You can access these company level tools at any time by clicking on the company logo in the upper left corner of Procore.)
  3. In the topmost tabs, click Planroom. (Note: This tool is used to manage bidding submission and organization for the company you are submitting a bid for.)
  4. From the Planroom, you will see all bid packages that you are invited to bid on. Click on each bid package to bring you to the bid sheet where you will see Project Information, Bid Information, and the Bid Sheet.
  5. Scroll down to Bid Sheet, and fill out your bid information.
    • Cost Code: In the field under Amount, indicate the amount you would like to bid for. You may bid on other items by clicking Add another line item. The 'Total: $' field is automatically calculated and populated with the total of all of your bids. (Note: There is currently no way to delete line items after they have been added, so make sure you're sure when you add items!)
    • Comments: Optional: Add any comments you would like to send the company.
    • Attachments: Optional: Add any relevant attachments to your bid sheet.
  6. Click Submit Bid.

Note: Procore has many other tools for construction management including Document, RFIs, Submittals, and Drawing management, Meetings, Punch List, Directory, Commitments, and many more tools to make your construction job run smoothly. If you are awarded the bid, you will be able to access many of these tools to help you accomplish your job.

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