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Remove a Project from a Program


To remove a project from a program so you can delete the program or reassign the project to a different program.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Admin tool.
  • To see which projects are assigned to the program, click the "+" icon to the right of the program name in the Company level Admin tool. The "Projects Assigned to this [program name]" section will appear with a list of assigned projects.
  • When you add a new program, it will only appear in your Company level Programs tab when you add a project to that program. Therefore, if you remove all projects from a program, the program will no longer appear on the Programs tool's homepage.


  1. Navigate to the project you wish to remove from a program.
  2. Click the project's Admin tool.
  3. Scroll to the drop-down menu titled, "Program" under "General Project Information."

    remove a project from a program.png

  4. Select the drop-down menu for the "Program" field and select the blank field to remove the project from the program.
  5. Click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Next Steps


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