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Email a Prime Contract


To email a prime contract to other Procore users for review and/or approval.


After you create one or more prime contracts, you may have a need to share that information with other individuals. Unlike other Procore tools that send automatic email notifications to members of a distribution group or list when items are created, updated, or approved, a prime contract contains sensitive financial data. To protect that data, prime contracts much be explicitly sent to individuals.  

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To send a prime contract by email, 'Standard' level permissions or higher permissions on the project's Prime Contracts tool.
    • To be named as a recipient in the To or CC field, you must have a user account in the Project Directory. 
      Note: All recipients named in the To or CC field can view your prime contract data in the PDF attached to the email message. 
    • To gain access to a prime by clicking the 'View this Contract' or 'View Online' link in the email message:
      • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Prime Contracts tool. 
      • 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on the project's Prime Contracts tool AND your name must be listed under 'Make this Visible only to Administrators and the Following Users.'
  • Limitations:
    • Unlike other Procore tools, which send automated email notifications to distribution groups or lists, the Prime Contracts tool requires you to use the steps below. 



  1. Navigate to the project's Prime Contracts tool.
  2. Locate the prime contract to work with. Then click its Number link. 
  3. Click Email Contract.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • To
      Start typing in this field to select your primary recipients from a list of users in the Project Directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory.
      Does your prime contract contain attachments that don't want your email recipients to view? If your project team has added attachments to the prime contract you are sending by email, be sure to review all of those attachments to ensure you are OK with sending them to your recipients. Your recipients will have the ability to download those attachments. To learn how these attachments were added, see Create Prime Contracts and Edit a Prime Contract
    • CC
      Start typing in this field to select your secondary recipients from a list of users in the Project Directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory.
    • Private
      Place a mark in this checkbox if you want to restrict recipients who have not been granted 'Admin' permission to the Prime Contracts tool from gaining access to the prime contract in the Procore web application. 
    • Subject
      This field automatically completes based on the name of the prime contract, but you may make any additional changes to the field.
    • Attachments
      Attach any related files or documents.
    • Message
      Include a message to the recipients. 
  5. Click Send.