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Email Photos (Inbound)


To add project photos by emailing them into Procore.


Each project in Procore has a unique email address that can be used to upload photos in Procore. (e.g. The email address can be used by anyone to upload photos for the associated project. Even users who are not listed in the project's directory can use the email address to upload photos into Procore. A project's unique email address can be found on the Photos tool configuration page.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: No permissions required. This action is accomplished outside of Procore.
  • Anyone can add photos to a project by using the unique, project-specific email address. 
  • By default, any photos that are attached to an email will be automatically be added to a project's 'Unclassified' folder. Later, photos can be moved to different folder, as desired. Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Photos tool can change the default album in the tool's configuration settings. (See Configure Advanced Settings: Photos.)
  • Only the following file types can be uploaded into a photo album: .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .png, .x-png, .bmp
  • The maximum file size of an uploaded photo is 2 MB.


  1. Send an email with the photos you want to add as attachments to the project's unique email address. (e.g.


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