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Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search


To search for items within a project using Procore Search.


Procore Search provides a single, consistent search experience across tools in a project. Instead of needing to search separately within each tool, you can search for items across an entire project to quickly locate the information you need. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' or higher permissions to the Home tool. 
      Note: You will only be able to see search results for items that you have permission to view. 
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the project you want to search for items in. 
  2. From any tool in the project, click the Procore Search icon in the header.
    Note: A search bar is revealed to indicate that you can now search for items within the project using Procore Search.
  3. Click into the search bar and begin typing your search term.
    Note: Relevant results will begin displaying in a list.
    Typeahead searches (including partial searches) are supported for many tools. See What information is searchable using Procore Search? to view a list of the information you can search for.
  4. Click on a search result to be taken to the item in Procore.  
    Click View all results to switch to a full page of search results.
    The following actions are available in the full Search page:

View Search Results


  • Search results are displayed by relevance. 
  • Each search result lists the tool, title of the item, and relevant information.
  • The result that is currently selected is highlighted in blue. A side panel shows basic information about the item along with a preview of the item (when applicable).
  1. If necessary, scroll through the list of results.
  2. If there are multiple pages of search results, use the arrow icons or Page drop-down menu to switch between pages.

Filter Search Results by Tool

  1. If your search matched results from multiple tools, the relevant tools will appear under 'Filters'.
  2. Mark the checkbox next to one or more tools that you want to filter the search results by.
  3. Optional: Clear a checkbox next to a tool you no longer want to filter by.

Navigate to an Item from a Search Result

Each item in your search results has a blue hyperlink to the item in the project.

  • Click the link to be redirected to the item in Procore.

Start a New Search

  1. To clear your previous search, click the x in the search bar. 
  2. Enter your new search term.

Search the Procore Support Center

If you have entered a search and no search results are found, you have the option to search the Procore Support Center for resources. 

  1. Click Support Center.
  2. A new tab opens in your browser window, and your search terms are automatically carried over to the search engine on
  3. Relevant results are shown. Click a link to open an article.


Exit out of Procore Search

  • To exit out of the Search window, click the x icon. 

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