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View all Public and Private Emails


To view email messages in the project's Emails tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To view all messages, 'Admin' level permission on the project's Emails tool.
    • To view messages that are NOT marked 'Private', 'Read Only' level permission or higher on the Emails tool. Notes:
      • If you are a user with 'Standard' level permission, you cannot view a private message unless you created the message or have been designated as a recipient in the message. 
      • If you are a user with 'Read Only' level permission, you can only view a private message when you are designated as a recipient in the message. 


  1. Navigate to the project's Emails tool. 
    This reveals the Emails - Inbox page. 
  2. Under 'Views', click All
    The system displays a list of the email messages in the Inbox and Archive list. The 'All' view does NOT include emails sent to the Recycle Bin (see Send an Email to the Recycle Bin). 
    • All public and private emails associated with that project will be listed in the left pane.
    • Private emails are identified by the lock icon underneath the date that the email was sent.


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