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Upload Files into a Folder


To upload a document to a folder in the Documents tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the Documents tool.
    • These permission levels apply to both the company's and project's Documents tool.
      (Note: For example, you can have 'Read-only' level permissions on the company's Documents tool and 'Admin' level permissions on a project's Documents tool. Permission levels will dictate which actions can be performed at either the Company and/or Project level.)
  • Duplicate file types are not accepted. See Upload a New Version of a File.
  • To select multiple files or folders at time, you must use the 'Control', 'Command', or 'Shift' key.
    • For Windows users - Hold down the 'Control' key and select the files and or folders you wish to download.
    • For Mac users - Hold down the 'Command' key and select the files and/or folders you wish to download.
    • For both Mac and Windows users - To select a series of consecutive documents select and hold down the 'Shift' key on the first item and then select the last item in the range.


There are four different ways to upload files into a project in Procore. 

Upload a Document Using the Documents Tool

  1. Navigate to the company's or project's Documents tool.
  2. Navigate to the folder in which you wish to upload a file using the left hand file tree.
  3. In the section called 'Upload Files Into Folder' at the top of the page, drag and drop files from your computer to the gray box or click the Attach File(s) link to upload a file from your computer. 

    attach files1.png
  4. Click Upload.
    Note: You will need to wait for the file to load into the browser before you can click Upload.

Upload a Document Using your Email

  1. Send an email to your project's email address with document(s) attached. (Note: The address can be found by choosing Import Options on the right-hand sidebar.)
  2. Attached files will be placed in the 'Emailed Documents' folder in your file tree in Procore. 

Upload a Document Using Procore Drive

Procore drive makes bulk uploads much easier and faster. If Procore Drive is not configured on your Windows computer, please see the Procore Drive Setup Guide.

  1. If it is already uploaded on your computer, see Upload a File to a Folder in Procore Drive


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