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Correspondence - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Correspondence tool. 

Recent Changes

'Closed' status prevents responses (05/03/2024)

Procore users can no longer add responses to correspondence items with a 'Closed' status or a custom status that is mapped to 'Closed'. This reduces the possibility of missed information. 

Correspondence Tool included in Procore starter packs (04/22/2024)

The Correspondence tool is now part of Procore's Starter packs for new and existing customers! Correspondence starter pack customers can create 10 correspondence types from our pre-built templates. See Create a New Correspondence Type, and reach out to your Procore point of contact to learn more. 

Visual Updates to Correspondence Item Pages (08/10/2023)

Procore users now see a modernized design when viewing and editing correspondence items in the project's Correspondence tool. These updates enhance the appearance and layout of fields in the General, Related Items, Emails, Change History, and Permissions tabs. Additional updates to the Related Items and Emails tabs simplify the processes of adding related items and forwarding summary information about a correspondence item via email. See Correspondence: Visual Updates to Item Pages to learn more.

Orange Lock Icon Added to 'Super Private' Items in Correspondence List (01/24/2023)

Procore has added a new orange lock icon to items that were created using 'Super Private' correspondence types to the List and Archive tabs in the project's Correspondence tool.