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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Correspondence tool. 

Recent Changes

Configure Columns and Sort Correspondence List by Supported Custom Fields (09/07/2021)

Procore has added a feature that allows users to show, hide, or rearrange columns on the project's Correspondence tool. See Customize the Column Display in the Correspondence Tool. Columns from supported custom fields (excluding 'Rich Text (Long)' and 'Read Only Entry' custom fields) can also be shown, hidden, or rearranged. Additionally, columns with data from 'Number', 'Date', 'Checkbox', and 'Plain Text (Short)' custom fields can be used to sort the list of correspondence items. See Search, Sort, and Filter Correspondences. Note that columns for custom fields are hidden by default.

Create New Correspondence Items from Existing RFIs (08/23/2021)

Procore has added a feature that allows users with the appropriate permissions to create new correspondence items directly from an RFI. See Create a Correspondence Item from an RFI. By linking items between the project's Correspondence and RFIs tools, this feature helps improve efficiency and allows for greater traceability.

New 'Responded By' and 'Last Activity' Filters Added to Correspondence Tool (04/07/2021)

Users can now filter a project's list of correspondence items by who added a response to correspondence items with the 'Responded By' filter and by the date the most recent response was added to correspondence items with the 'Last Activity' filter. See Search, Sort, and Filter Correspondences.

Create 'Draft' Correspondence Items from Procore for Outlook Integration (03/17/2021)

Users with the Procore for Outlook integration and the appropriate permissions to create a correspondence item can now create 'Draft' correspondence items from their Outlook emails.

'Responses' and 'Official Responses' Columns Added to Custom Reports for Correspondence Tool (03/16/2021)

Users can now include 'Responses' and 'Official Responses' in custom Correspondence reports created in the Company level and Project level Reports tools. See Create a Custom Project Report and Create a Custom Company Report.

Create and Link New Correspondence Items from Responses on Other Correspondence Items (03/11/2021)

Users can now create and link a new correspondence item from a response on another correspondence item. The new correspondence item will automatically include the following information from the source correspondence item and its response: the source item number and response number (added to the new item's Subject field), the person who posted the source response (added to the new item's Assignee field), the full details of the source response (added to the new item's Description field), and any attachments that were uploaded in the source response. See Create and Link a New Correspondence Item from a Correspondence Response.

The Correspondence Tool Now Supports Creating Custom Sections at the Company Admin Level (01/28/2021)

The Correspondence tool now supports custom sections that can be created at the company admin level when modifying a fieldset and adding custom fields. A custom section is a separate grouping of 1 or more custom fields. The section name is defined by the user and is respected on web, export PDF and mobile. 

Previous Changes