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Assign a RFQ


To assign a RFQ after you have already created the RFQ. 


You can create a RFQ without any RFQ recipients. This will create the RFQ without distributing it to anyone, and allow you to use the RFQ as a placeholder to send to assignees at a later date. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Change Events tool AND 'Admin' permissions on the Commitments tool.
  • A user must have 'Standard 'permissions on the Commitments tool and must have access to that particular commitment in order to receive a RFQ by being selected from the "Private" drop-down for that commitment. The user must also be associated with the subcontracting company that is tied to the contract.
  • Contact your Procore point of contact if RFQs are not visible and need to be enabled.


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Events tool. 
  2. In the change events table, click the status of the RFQ you want to add a recipient to.
  3. You will see a banner at the top of the RFQ's page informing you the RFQ has not been sent. Click add an assignee

  4. On the Request for Quote General page, add an assignee to the Assignee drop-down menu.
    Note:  Assignees must be associated with the subcontracting company and must have access to the commitment (i.e. Standard access to the Commitment tool and selected in the Private drop-down on the commitment itself). See "Why am I unable to assign users to a RFQ?" in the See Also section below.
  5. Click Save & Send RFQ. The RFQ will be sent to those listed in the Assignees drop-down menu. 

See Also

If you would like to learn more about Procore’s change events management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction change order product page here.


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