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Cost Catalog - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Cost Catalog tool. 
Note: See Estimating Release Notes for related release notes.


Recent Changes

ERP Cost Codes Available in the Cost Catalog (12/01/2023)

ERP Cost Codes can now be added to the Cost Catalog for ERP-integrated companies. When using the Cost Catalog, you ERP codes can be applied across all projects using the Estimating and Bid Board tools. These cost codes are also added to your budget when you send an estimate to the budget, providing consistency across your workflow. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog.


Unit of measure options are now available for catalog item types in the Estimating tool. Previously, 'each' was the only measurement option for Equipment, Subcontractor, Travel, and Custom catalog item types. Cost Catalog Excel templates have also been updated. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog

'taxable' field NOW available for cost catalog items (02/15/2023) 

A 'Taxable' field is now available when adding or editing a cost catalog item in the Cost Catalog tool. See Add Items to the Cost Catalog. Previously, the material tax was applied by default and could only be changed in the Estimating tool. The 'Taxable' field has also been extended to XLS files for bulk updates to cost catalog items. See Import Cost Catalog Items.