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ERP Integrations: Sync Prime Contracts & PCCOs Between Procore & Viewpoint® Spectrum®

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: February 18, 2020  /  Feature Released:  April. 9, 2020

ERP Integrations: Sync Prime Contracts & Prime Change Orders Between Procore & Viewpoint® Spectrum®

Procore is pleased to announce that company account's using the ERP Integrations tool can now export prime contracts created in Viewpoint® Spectrum® to Procore's Prime Contracts tool. With this update, you can also export Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) created in Procore into Viewpoint® Spectrum®. Exports include the appropriate financial markup--both vertical and horizontal. See What is the difference between horizontal and vertical financial markup?

Why is this important?

This update eliminates a significant amount of time and effort that project team's spend performing double-entry in both systems. 


If your company's Procore account is using the ERP Integrations tool with Viewpoint® Spectrum®, contact Support to enable the feature. Once enabled, the users at your company will be able to gain access to the two (2) tabs listed below:

  • Prime Contracts
  • Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs)


  • You are limited to importing one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® prime contract per Procore construction project. You can export any number of PCCOs.
  • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Unit Price Contracts are not currently supported.
    • The Date field on a PCCO is required.
    • The Billing Item Code on a PCCO must be 10 characters or less.
    • The PCCO must be in the 'Approved' status.
    • For each associated line item that you add to the change order's Schedule of Values (SOV), you may designate a unique associated Prime Contract line item, or the same associated Prime Contract line item for all change order line items.  Note: The Associated Line Item is only visible and available when the ERP Integrations tool has been configured to work with Viewpoint® Spectrum® and the export prime contract change orders capability has been switched on in Procore by your Integration Implementation Specialist.


The table below summarized the information that you will be able to sync between the two systems. To learn about which fields are synced between the two systems, see Which prime contract and PCCO fields are synced with Procore and Viewpoint Spectrum?

Syncs from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum® Syncs from Viewpoint® Spectrum® to Procore
Connects Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®
PRIME CONTRACT   tri-left-arrow-green.png PRIME CONTRACT

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