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Which prime contract and PCCO fields are synced with Procore and Viewpoint Spectrum?

 Coming Soon
This page details features and functions that are coming soon to Procore. For details, see ERP Integrations: Sync Prime Contracts & PCCOs Between Procore and Viewpoint® Spectrum®.


If your company has connected Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®, you can import one (1) prime contract to Procore. You can also export the Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) created in Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 

Field Mapping

The table below details the fields that are mapped between the two system. It also details which direction data is synced. To help you find the field you are looking for, the object name is included below.


Syncs from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum® Syncs from Viewpoint® Spectrum® to Procore
Connects Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®
Prime Contract Header Title   tri-left-arrow-green.png {Job ID} Prime Contract
Prime Contract Header Total Contract Amout   tri-left-arrow-green.png Total Amount
Prime Contract Schedule of Values Description   tri-left-arrow-green.png Description
Prime Contract Schedule of Values Amount   tri-left-arrow-green.png Original Contract
PCCO Header Change Order # 1 tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Change Request ID
PCCO Header Description tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Change Request Description
PCCO Header Approved Date 1 tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Approval Date
PCCO Header Status 2 tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Current Status
Estimate Amounts Cost Code tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Phase
Estimate Amounts Cost Type tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Cost Type
Estimate Amounts Line Item Description tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Description
Estimate Amounts Line Item Amount tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Estimate Amount
Revenue Amounts  1 tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Billing Item
Revenue Amounts Description of PCCO Header tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Description
Revenue Amounts Line Item Amount + Markup tri-right-arrow-orange.png   Amount

1 Customizable upon export

2 Determined by your company's configuration setting