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Log in to Procore Using SP-Initiated Azure AD


To log in to the Procore ( using the Procore-Initiated SSO solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 


When your company's account is configured for Procore-Initiated SSO for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you will need to know your email address and password for your Azure Active Directory domain.

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permission
  • Supported Platforms:
    • Procore Web
    • Procore for iOS
    • Procore for Android
    • Procore for Windows 10
  • Prerequisites
    • Your company's Procore Administrator and/or Azure Active Directory Administrator must complete the preparation and integration steps in Setup Guide: Microsoft Azure AD


  1. Navigate to the Procore login page at:
  2. Enter your email address for your Active Directory domain.
    Note: When your Procore-Initiated SSO application is properly configured, the Procore login page recognizes your email and automatically hides the password field. See Setup Guide: Microsoft Azure AD
  3. Click Continue
    The system displays the Windows Azure login page. 
  4. Complete the following data entry:
    • Email. Enter your email address for your company's Azure Active Directory domain. 
    • Password. Enter the password for your company's Azure Active Directory domain. 
      Note: If you do not know your login information, contact your company's Administrator for Azure Active Directory.
  5. Click Sign In.
    The system logs you into Procore.

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