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Why is my Sage 300 CRE data not syncing?


There are a variety of reasons that may prevent your Procore and Sage 300 CRE data from synchronizing properly. To diagnose the root cause of the issue, review the following possibilities:

Recent Changes are Missing in Procore

Although data is being synced as expected, a user may have added new to your Sage 300 CRE after the system completed its last data sync. To address this issue, you have two options:

Restart the hh2 Services on the Sage 300 CRE Server

Recomended Fix: Ensure that the hh2 services are running.

  1. Log into your company's Sage 300 CRE server. 
    Note: If you do not have direct access to your Sage 300 CRE server, you can Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Go to Start > Computer (right-click) > Manage.
  3. Expand "Configuration" and click on Services.
  4. Scroll down the list and locate the two hh2 services. (hh2 MongoDB Service and hh2 Synchronization service). Start any hh2 service in the list that in not running.




Invalid Credentials (Between Procore and hh2)

The h2 login credentials that Procore uses to access your account's data (from hh2 servers) is no longer valid. As a result, you cannot view any data under the ERP Integrations tab at the Company level until its fixed.

Recommended Fix: Contact your Procore point of contact and provide him or her with your hh2 credentials, you cannot change your hh2credentials in Procore's web application.

Invalid Login Credentials (Between hh2 and Sage 300 CRE)

The login credentials for the user profile that has hh2 used to access Sage data is no longer valid. Check the Sage user database to make sure that the user profile that the hh2 synchronization client uses to access your Sage database still exists and has the appropriate permissions to access your Sage database. Make sure the password was not changed or accidentally expired. The user must be a member of the 'Application' and 'Security' admin groups.

Recommended Fix: Contact your Sage 300 CRE Server Administrator and have them provide you with the correct login credentials for the "hh2" user. Change your hh2 login preferences in the hh2 Synchronization Client.

Network Firewall: Access Denied

The network firewall permissions for the Sage 300 CRE server may have changed. As a result, hh2 servers can no longer connect to the Sage 300 CRE server.

Recommended Fix: Contact your Network Administrator, Sage 300 CRE Server Administrator, or the company hosting your Sage 300 CRE server to ensure that the firewall is configured to accept incoming requests from hh2 servers. 


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