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What is Inspection Template Item Quick Add?

When creating or editing a Company level inspection template, you can copy and paste inspection items from Excel, Word, PDF, webpages, and other sources. Procore will intelligently add these inspection items to your new or existing template. Use the live preview section to know exactly how Procore is interpreting your input.


  1. Create a new Company level inspection template or Edit an existing Company level Inspection Template.
  2. Scroll to the inspection item section under which you want to add items. 
  3. Click + Quick Add.
  4. Copy and paste the items content from your original file (PDF, DOC, XLSX, etc.) or type in the items. 
    Note: A line break (Hitting Enter on your keyboard) denotes a new item.

  5. Click + Quick Add Item(s).
    Note: Items will be added to your template under the section. 

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