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How do I build a Training Center?


You recently saw a live demo of the Training Center and are interested in becoming a participant in the program. You would also like to better understand how you can build your own custom Training Center. What is a Training Center?


The Training Center program is currently an add-on service that can be purchased through speaking to your Account Manager or Account Executive.


The Training Center Roadmap: Items on top of the timeline denote tasks that you (the client) are to perform, whereas the items on the bottom denote tasks that Procore's Documentation team will perform/lead.



Demo Call

The Training Center is a very innovative service that may be difficult to understand without seeing a live demonstration. During this ~45 minute demonstration, we will show you an example of a Training Center and highlight key features such as its architectural design and how you can create custom, hybrid tutorials that intelligently reuse content from standard articles on Procore's Support site.  Each call includes a Q&A session at the end. 

Homework: Getting Started

At the conclusion of the Demo Call, you will be granted access to the Training Center: Getting Started Guide, which outlines the next steps if your company chooses to build a Training Center. Each client is asked to answer the following questions.

  • Which company identifier should be used for your Training Center?
    (e.g., where 'ACME' is the company identifier)
  • Who is the primary author of your Training Center?
    (Each Training Center will be allocated one author license for creating/editing content.)
  • What are the names of the role-based learning paths you wish to create in your Training Center?
    (e.g. Project Manager, Superintendent, Subcontractor, etc.)
  • Which tabs do you want to create for each learning path?
    (e.g. Tutorials, Permissions, Documents, FAQs, Announcements, Videos, etc.)
  • Which tutorials do you want to create custom/hybrid of in your Training Center?
    (e.g. Submit a Draw Request, Respond to a Submittal, etc.)

Upon completion of the Training Center: Getting Started Guide, you will send it to

Training Center Development

It will take roughly 1 week for Procore's Training Center Specialist to create the base structure of your Training Center, as well as build several examples of hybrid tutorials to streamline the development of your custom content.

Training Center Review and Training Calls

Once your Training Center is built out, we will set up a series of calls to review your Training Center. We will also train you and/or your team on how to manage all aspects of your Training Center. After each call you'll be assigned homework to create new tutorials, FAQs, etc., add reuse scripts, as well as manage existing content. 

Continued Support

At this point, you should be fully equipped to build out the rest of your Training Center so that it becomes the primary support and training resource for your organization, as well as for any collaborators (e.g. Architects, Subcontractors, etc.) that you invite to any project managed in Procore. Procore's Documentation team will be able to troubleshoot any issues related to your Training Center. Please email all support related questions and feedback to

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