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Can I use Procore's mobile application offline?

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If you are using Procore's mobile application on a job site, there may be several remote locations where you will not have network connectivity (i.e. WiFi or cellular service). In those types of situations you may wonder in what capacity you can use Procore's mobile application.


Yes! You can still use Procore's mobile application even though you do not have WiFi or cellular data connectivity. Even in offline mode you will still be able to use Procore's mobile application. In fact, in many situations, you may not even realize that you're using Procore's mobile application in offline mode because you'll still be able to access project data and create assets such as punch items, RFIs, etc.

Although using Procore's mobile application in offline mode is very similar to using Procore's mobile in online mode, there are a few things to take into consideration when using Procore's mobile application in offline mode:

  • You will be able to view any items in Procore that you recently viewed on your mobile application in online mode. (Data will be cached on your device accordingly.)
    • Important! Once you're in offline mode, you will not be able to successfully retrieve new project data until a network connection has been restored. Therefore, if you know that you will be in a location on the job site where you know you will not have network connectivity, you should view any assets in Procore (in online mode) before your device switches to offline mode. In such situations, it's important to prepare your mobile device by downloading all items (e.g. RFIs, punch list items, inspections, etc.) that you'll need in offline mode. Simply viewing an asset once in online mode is sufficient for being able to view that item again in offline mode. 
  • Procore's mobile applications (Android, iOS. and Windows) have the same offline capabilities regardless of whether you're using the application on a tablet or smartphone.
    • Procore's Windows Mobile App has limited offline capabilities. As more features are released, more tools and items will be available offline. 
  • If you delete Procore's mobile application from your phone, you will lose your "cached" data. (Note: "Cached data" is data that is available on your phone or computer without retrieving the information from the source/host location.)
  • You can create new items and respond to items while in offline mode. However, you cannot edit existing items while in offline mode. (Note: The edit (pencil) icon that allows you to edit items will disappear in offline mode).
  • Any actions that you perform in the mobile application in offline mode will not be pushed to Procore until a network connections is reestablished. Once the mobile application is in-sync with Procore (in online mode) all project data will become synchronized and become available to all users on the project. For example, created punch list items will appear in Procore in both the web and mobile applications for all users. 

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